The various ways in which Jamie Cross tries to remain creative.

Who is Jamie Cross?

I am a graphic designer who lives in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I’m a partner at Clay Communications, a small graphic design studio my partner and I started in 2001. At Clay Communications I do a lot of page layout, illustration, animation, photography, basically all kinds of graphic design related stuff. Along with running the business of course!

I’m an avid app developer who spends most of my free time developing games these days. Although other app types get worked into the mix now and then.

I’ve recently started teaching at my youtube channel  and also have my first full class, Introduction to Mobile Games Development, available at

What’s my site all about?

This site is basically a home for many of my free time activities. A large part of the site has turned out to be tutorials and demos on how to use certain software packages. So far including Gamesalad, Sencha Touch, and Quark App Studio. These tutorials range from how to create a certain kind of game to how to build your own live streaming news app.

There are lots of other things here as well but in the end all of them come back to being something I like to do in my spare time to keep me fresh and creative, from cooking, doing an illustration or being an extra in a local movie production. If you spend any time here I hope you find something useful or interesting at my site. New Game Dev Site!

I have opened a new site dedicated exclusively to game development and Gamesalad. I have begun posting all NEW information on and will migrate all current information to that site as well. This process will take some time since there is so much information to move, during that time I will leave all the current information on this site ( as well.

Check out today!

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