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Learn Mobile Game Development in One Day Using Gamesalad

Since the launch of the Apple App Store in 2008, games have been one of the most downloaded categories of apps for iOS devices. Most people think games are very hard to create because they require a lot of difficult to learn programming knowledge. This book will show you how wrong that belief is and teach you just how easy it can be to create and publish your own video games!








Mobile-Ready Games

Book Overview

This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to create their own video games for desktop and mobile devices. While this is an introductory book that assumes you have no previous game development experience, you’ll find that once you have completed all of the chapters and exercises, you’ll be able to create your own amazing video games from scratch.

The book is meant to be used as a learning tool, it’s filled with over 35 hands-on exercises and four chapters dedicated to learning how to make four different game types. Once you have completed the book you will already have four mobile ready games created and ready to be customized and published to the Apple App Store!

What You’ll Learn

How to Create Your Own Video Games

without needing to learn a complicated computer programming language.

How to Think Like a Game Developer

so you understand the hows AND whys of the industry.

How to Publish Games To The Apple App Store

so they will be available to millions of players around the world.

And So Much More!

This book is packed with information to help you start your game development career.

Special Offers

Create Four Mobile Ready Games

A Pachinko game from the book Learn Mobile Games Development in One Day Using Gamesalad


For your first game, you’ll create one of the most popular games in the world. Similar to pinball with no paddles, the player drops a ball through a series of pegs to score points at the bottom of the screen.

An 80's style arcade game from the book Learn Mobile Games Development in One Day Using Gamesalad

Space Shooter

The second game you’ll create would be at home in any video arcade from the 80’s! Fly over an alien landscape blasting all oncoming aliens out of the sky or be blasted yourself.

Box Breaker from the book Learn Mobile Games Development in One Day Using Gamesalad

Box Breaker

For your third game, you’ll build a multi-level physics puzzle game. The player has to eliminate all the boxes from each level while leaving the “special” box in place.

An endless runner game from the book Learn Mobile Games Development in One Day Using Gamesalad

Geometry Runner

The final game you’ll learn to create fast-paced endless runner where the player has to jump a flipping rectangle through an oncoming barrage of obstacles.

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About The Author

Jamie Cross

Jamie Cross, a graphic designer that has been working in the field for nearly 25 years, is currently a partner at Clay Communications, a graphic design studio located near Pittsburgh, PA.

In addition to graphic design, Jamie has been involved in computer programming, of one kind or another, since the age of 16 when he got his first Commodore 64 computer. At that time, he programmed in BASIC. He now has experience in several languages including Java, HTML, JavaScript, and Lua; however, the bulk of his game development is done using Gamesalad Creator.

Jamie has published several games to the Apple App Store. He teaches game development online, has written articles about game development for the tuts+ network of websites, and runs his own website and YouTube channel with lots of information about Gamesalad Creator and game development in general.

Learn Mobile Game Development in One Day Using Gamesalad

To jump-start your game development career, purchase your copy of this useful and informative book today! You won’t be sorry!

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